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Help: The Randomizer! – Created by Dr. Woohoo!
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How do I download, install, and register my new add-on?


A link to the file, as seen within the red circle in the image below, was included in the “Purchase Receipt” email sent to you from sales@drwoohoo.com upon completing your purchase.


In addition, you can download your add-on by doing the following:

  1. Head over to your Purchase History page (Accounts > Purchase History). You’ll need to login if you haven’t already done so.
  2. Click on the link for “View Details and Downloads” next to the date of you purchased the add-on (see image below)

3. Scroll to the bottom of this page and click on the link with the name of the add-on you purchased to begin downloading the add-on. In the example below, the add-on name is “The Randomizer v1.0.0”.



Adobe removed support for the Extension Manager in CC 2015. ZXPInstaller is an open source replacement that makes it easy to install extensions. This is the preferred installation method. Note: the term “Extension”, “Add-on”, “Panel”, and “Plug-in” are used interchangeably.

  1. The Installer Application: If you don’t have it already, please download and install ZXPInstaller ( http://zxpinstaller.com/ )
  2. Quit either Illustrator or Photoshop if they are open
  3. Open the ZXPInstaller application
    1. Note: On a Mac, when you ZXPInstaller for the first time, you will receive the following message in a popup window:
      1. “ZXPInstaller” is an application downloaded from the Internet. Are you sure you want to open it?
    2. That’s normal, click Ok to continue.
  4. The Add-on: Purchase, download and uncompress the add-on if you have not already done so
  5. Drag the [The Name of the Add-on].zxp, e.g., TheRandomizer.zxp, file onto ZXPInstaller
  6. When ZXPInstaller says your installation is complete, your extension has been installed
  7. Restart Illustrator or Photoshop. You will find extension in the Window menu under Extensions / [The Name of the Add-on]


The 1st time you use it, you will be required to register the add-on. A License Key and the email address you used to purchase the add-on are required. The License Key was provided to you via:

  • Purchase Confirmation page following your purchase.
  • If you didn’t save it, you should have received an email with the subject “Purchase Receipt” from “Created by Dr. Woohoo!” and/or “sales@drwoohoo.com” as well. Didn’t get the email, you can check your Junk email folder or…
  • Lastly, if you still can’t find the License Key, you can log in (Account > Login) to the Created by… Dr. Woohoo site and go to the menu Account > Purchase History. Login info:
    1. Your login info is typically your WordPress login info.
    2. Otherwise, you might have created a new one during the purchase process.
    3. Otherwise, an account was automatically created for you during the purchase process and would have received the account info via email following your purchase.
    4. For all cases, a password recovery option is included

Additional questions? Please submit a support request.



Note: If this is your 2nd installation, e.g., you have a new computer that you’re re-installing your software on, you will first need to Deactivate your previous license of the add-on by opening the add-on on your other computer, clicking on the flyout menu in the top-right of the panel, and clicking on “Deactivate ” [the name of your add-on] as seen below.



How do I check and update my add-on?

Prerequisite: You’ll need to be connected to the Internet

  1. Click on the Fly-out menu icon located in the top-right corner of you add-on panel.
  2. Click on Check for Updates
  3. After a little bit, a popup window will appear with a message that tells you whether your version of your add-on is up-to-date or not.
  4. If an update is available, the popup window will provide you with an option to download the latest version.

How do I find/open The Randomizer?

Window > Extensions > The Randomizer!

  1. Open Illustrator
  2. Click on Window menu in Illustrator
  3. Rollover Extensions
  4. Click onThe Randomizer!

How many installations of the add-on am I allowed when I purchase per license?

1. If you would like to install the add-on on a different computer, you will need to deactivate the active version via the fly-out menu option “Deactivate The Randomizer!” located in the top right of the add-on panel, as seen below.

I misplaced my License Key. Where can I get it again?

To retrieve your License Key:

  1. Go to Account > My License Details


2. Log into your account if you’re not already logged in

3. Scroll to the relevant product and underneath its title is your license key. Please note that you can only have 1 active instance per license.

Tip: Workflow

Here are a few tips on workflows that work well:

  1. Select the Objects before you select the Swatches.
  2. Select the Objects on your Artboard and then click on the “Select Objects” button in add-on to link them.
  3. Select the Swatches in your Swatches Panel and then click on the “Select Swatches” button in the add-on to link them.

Tip: Start out small

When you are testing out some new random variations, select a smaller number of Objects. The number of selected Objects is relative to how fast your computer is, but you can try less than 100. After the objects are selected, select as many Swatches as you would like because they won’t slow things down in the same was as the Objects will. With the Objects and Swatches selected, go to the Randomize section and click on the Randomize Once button to test out the colors.

When you’re happy and confident about your color selection, select the larger number of Objects and proceed to either the Randomize or Batch sections.

Tip: Make sure the Fill Tool is above the Stroke Tool

In your Tools Panel, make sure the Fill Tool is activated, meaning it’s in the foreground and above the Stroke Tool as seen in this image. If the Stroke tool is in the foreground weird things or no magic will happen.

How do I use Illustrator’s Color Themes + Color Guides with The Randomizer?

This video walks you through a simple example of using a Color Theme to generate a larger series of swatches via Color Guides. The colors are then saved to the Swatches panel, linked in The Randomizer extension and randomly applied to the different paths on the artboard.


Additional questions? Please submit a support request.