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Speed, Excitement, and Love.

This collection of creative tools for Adobe Illustrator® CC+ is first about helping you keep up with the speed of a creative mind by quickly capturing and sorting colors to create beautiful swatches. It is then followed by slowing down and capturing the energy and excitement that comes to life by randomly applying the swatches to your vector graphics. Finally, it’s about doing all of this at a discount to save you a little money and because our world can use a little extra shared ♥.

There are 3 add-ons included with The Randomness of Color Bundle:

Color Lifter!

Color Lifter! captures colors from images by simply drawing a line over the area of interest, sampling colors from along the line, and then saving them as Swatches to Illustrator and Photoshop.

More info on Color Lifter!

Color Sorter!

Color Sorter! sorts existing Swatches in Illustrator based on Hue, Saturation, and Brightness.

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The Randomizer!

The Randomizer! applies the swatches randomly to your vector graphics.

More info on The Randomizer!

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