The Randomizer! An Illustrator add-on that randomly applies colors to your graphics

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The two go hand in hand like a dance: chance flirts with necessity, randomness with determinism. To be sure, it is from this interchange that novelty and creativity arise in Nature, thereby yielding unique forms and novel structures. – Eric Chaisson

The Randomizer, an add-on for Illustrator, takes the objects and swatches you select and randomly applies the colors to their fill and/or stroke colors. Variable stroke width is a bonus option.

And then it can do something crazy. You can Batch Save up to 100 different variations as an Illustrator and/or PNG file. In the Export section, click on the Make Magic button, go watch a movie, and when you come back there should be tons of rendered color variation files ready for you to review.

Case Study: Derelict Workwear

Derelict Workwear is an off-shoot of Derelict Design Studio which consists of me and my partner, Nika. As a design studio duo, we rework vintage prints and reinvent color palettes through custom plug-ins.

Derelict Workwear is a clothing collection Nika created as a way to feature our design studio prints. The concept behind the Workwear collection is a personal one. Nika has always identified with having the soul of a tomboy but yet her preference in clothing is towards skirts & dresses. The Derelict Workwear collection is her attempt to offer an alternative to the stereotypical feminine silhouette.

To add color to the collection, Drew developed two add-ons for Illustrator, Color Lifter! for creating beautiful palettes and The Randomizer for randomly applying the colors to the graphics. You can see the entire collection on Derelict Workwear’s Etsy shop.

Working with Raster Images

This example explores how to convert a JPG image into a ton of little vectors, create a bunch of Swatches, and then randomly apply the Swatches to the vectors. As a bonus, the Swatches are generated using our add-on Color Lifter!

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